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San Francisco Women and Girls (formally GABHS for Gals)
We are a special project of the San Francisco Mental Health Board, welcoming participation from a diverse coalition of clinicians, managers, civil servants, mental health workers, health educators, administrators, and consumers. We are committed to advocating for gender responsive and culturally competent services for women, girls, and families in San Francisco’s behavioral health system. Started in June 2008, San Francisco Women and Girls (SFWG) has worked to better support the needs of women, girls, and families. The group works for change on two parallel tracks: a macro-level track, focusing on systems and policy change, and a micro-level track, committed to supporting clinicians who provide direct service to women, girls, and families.

Mission Statement & Definition of Gender Responsive and Culturally Compentent Services SFWG Mission-Goals-and-Definition



Needs Assessments of Programs Serving Women, Girls & Families of SF

Safety in Community Mental Health Programs Policy Brief

Government Reports

Journal Articles

Literature Reviews on Women & Girls Issues