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By spelling out the requirements for membership very specifically, the Legislature sought to ensure that the MHB would include the various perspectives and groups in the mental health constituency in each county.

Thus, the law sets up categories of membership. The law further provides that membership must reflect the ethnic diversity of the county's client population. There is also a requirement that no member of the MHB, or his or her spouse, may be a paid employee of the State Department of Mental Health, or of a San Francisco contract or civil service mental health program.

If you would like to apply for a seat on the Mental Health Board, please call the Mental Health Board office at (415) 255-3474 and talk with Helynna Brooke or Loy Proffitt. They will be glad to talk with you personally about the application process to make it easier for you.

They will send you an application for a seat on the Board, if you like or you can download the form from:

Application for Boards, Commissions, Committees, & Task Forces

or pick up an application at Board of Supervisors.
City and County of San Francisco. 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Room 244. (415) 554-5184 FAX (415) 554-7714

Requirements For Appointment to the Mental Health Board
There are 17 members on the Mental Health Board. Eleven of the members are appointed by individual members of the Board of Supervisors. Each supervisor appoints one person to the Mental Health Board (MHB). Then through the Rules Committee, the entire Board of Supervisors appoints an additional five members. The final member is a Supervisor and that person is appointed by the Board of Supervisors.

Some Supervisors like to choose from possible candidates who have submitted applications directly to the MHB. Others like to find their appointees on their own.

Categories Of Seats On The Mental Health Board
Each MHB member is appointed to a specific kind of seat on the MHB. State law requires that 50% of Board membership be consumers or family members.

"Consumer" means, "a person who has received mental health services in San Francisco from any program operated or funded by the City and County, from a State hospital, or from any public or private nonprofit mental health agency."

"Family member" means, "the parent, spouse, domestic partner, significant other, sibling, or adult child of a consumer."

The 17 members of the Mental Health Board in San Francisco are appointed to the following categories:

6 Family Members
5 Consumers
3 Public Interest members
2 Mental Health Professionals
1 Member of the Board of Supervisors
Additionally one Public Interest seat is designated as the Elder Advocate and one Family Member seat is designated as the Children's Advocate.

Requirements for Appointees
1. In accordance with our City Charter, appointees to boards and commissions must be: Electors in San Francisco

2. In accordance with State and City law, appointees to the Mental Health Board must not be:

- Employed by the City working for Behavior Health Services except for a consumer of mental health services, who holds a position in which he or she does not have any interest, influence, or authority over any financial or contractual matter concerning the employer may be appointed to the board.
- Working on a contract funded by Behavior Health Services
- Employed by the State Department of Mental Health
- Paid for service on the board of a Bronzan-McCorquodale contract agency